Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wow, time does fly. January is already half over! We're having day after day of 50-degree-plus weather and rain, rain, rain. I was on the U of O campus a week ago, and there were daffodils in full bloom. If Huey starts shedding, we're in for an early spring for sure.

Chihuahua update: both little guys have new homes. Trainer Leslie took one of them and named him Gizmo. I myself have decided maybe now is not the right time for a puppy, so I'm instead thinking about an adult rescue dog in the spring. A vizsla if I can find one; otherwise whatever strikes my fancy.

Proving that I am so clumsy I can hurt myself while sleeping, I am on week three of dealing with a radial neuropathy in my left arm. I injured the radial nerve, and now can't straighten my wrist or move my thumb very well. Prognosis for full recovery is good, but it may take a few months. I'm able to ride if I wear a wrist brace, but typing is a drag. Also, the physical therapist sent me home with a little machine that shocks my muscles via electrodes. I get to do that to myself three times a day. It's just as pleasant as it sounds.

Due to my wonky arm, I've been mostly lungeing Huey for the past couple of weeks. Huey has major trauma in his past from a nasty person who chased him with a lunge whip. He therefore can be quite a handful on the lunge. Sometimes he turns his butt in and kicks at me out of fear, and it's such a delicate balance to let him know he must not do that, without scaring him even further. I've been so pleased to see him steadily coming around the last two sessions.

Here's my New Year's Day ride, with some turns on the haunches and shoulder-ins. Huey was distracted by an invisible monster to the south but mostly very good.