Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Clinic with Suzanne and Holly, part 2

Here's R's lesson on Dakota on day 2, almost in its entirety. They get started on shoulder in, do some work on turns on the haunches (which Dakota practically nails on their very first attempts), and continue work on clean and prompt canter departs. Everything is going to so well! R will be embarrassed, but I have to say again how lucky Dakota and I are to have found the perfect lease for him. R is such a talented and kind rider, so pleasant to be around, and so dedicated to riding and learning. How could we ask for more?

Monday, June 27, 2016

Clinic with Suzanne and Holly, part 1

Clair and I made huge progress in the canter during the clinic this past weekend. My canter-walk transitions were a bit hit and miss, and I knew it was due to the quality of the canter. Suzanne worked me through getting Clair straight and back on her haunches in canter, and wow. I think you can see the ghost of an upper-level canter from time to time in this video. And when the quality of the canter was good, the transition to walk was easy. This video shows day two. My homework is mainly to keep Clair up in front, and keep my hands low. I'm so excited about how things are going!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Successful schooling show!

I rode my three tests last night and scribed for 4+ hours today, so I'm too tired to write much about the show other than that both Clair and Dakota were rock stars! Clair can be spooky in indoor arenas, but she didn't blink an eye at this arena. We had a wonderfully relaxed warmup and got a 64 on First Two, a 67 on First Three, and a 68 on Second One. We've gotta work on halt, reinback, and canter-walk, but I was nothing but thrilled with how she went for me!

Dakota was utterly chill about being back in the arena he showed in back in February. He's such a sensible man. He got a 69% and Reserve High Point for Training Two!