Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Second level progress

I have the Texas Rose Dressage Fall Classic squarely in my sights. It's in September, and my (perhaps overly-optimistic) hope is to knock out my first and second level scores at one show. I don't really have the time or money to compete all the time, and in any case the competitions are quite far away from Lubbock.

I'm happy with our work last night. I feel like I'm starting to really get in sync in the sitting trot. Shoulder-in is solid in both directions, and travers is coming right along. We're really starting to develop an extension, too. I've been working Clair over ground poles quite a bit, and I am quite sure her trot has improved. She has a floatiness now that I didn't have last year.

Counter canter is getting better and better. We are nailing canter-walk at least 50% of the time. Walk-canter is mostly there, although you'll see she picks up the wrong lead below and it takes me four strides to notice. Oops.

Watch close and you'll see an extremely athletic spook at the far end of the arena. She sat down so far behind her butt almost hit the dirt.

If you've ever wondered what ground poles can do for your horse, take a look at this still image. So much articulation behind! Now I have to learn how to sit that.

Next Suzanne May/Holly Cook clinic coming up in late June. I can't wait!