Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where did June go?

I think having an appendectomy speeds up the rate at which time passes. I'm pretty sure. Cuz there is no way it's late June. Also not helping -- the coldest spring/early summer since I first moved here almost five years ago. Up until a few days ago, we were pretty much stuck at Rainy, High of 58. Today it was 80 and everyone, including me, commented about how hot it was. And I'm a Nebraskan! So anyway, June is just about gone, and I've hardly posted.

I healed up from my surgery just fine. I was released to start riding again about twelve days ago, with stern warnings from my surgeon that Huey needed to behave himself. And he has! We've had some really lovely rides. Last night was probably our all-time best schooling session. He was SO on the aids -- I got a few half steps, and some almost-floaty lengthenings. The rescheduled show is on for July 3, and we'll be ready!

First, though, I'm off on a business trip to Philadelphia for a week, starting Thursday. The timing is good, because Huey is heading to Inavale Farm for a 3-day event. I sent my Flip cam with Camilla, so I hope to have some video to share in early July.

July 4-5 marks the one-year anniversary of Abby's great escape and my near-nervous-breakdown. This year she will be stashed in my bedroom whenever fireworks are likely and I'm not home.