Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dakota works on zooming less

Dakota really likes to go ZOOM on the lunge. He's in a big hurry to get somewhere. At the clinic, Suzanne encouraged me to work with him on carrying power rather than running. It has taken hundreds of half halts, but he's starting to get the idea. He has been acting crabby about his D-ring bit lately, so I switched him to a thinnish loose-ring French-link snaffle. We'll see how that goes. Maybe he needs a float.

I think he is just cute as a bug.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

My clinic takeaways + recent video

My two biggest takeaways from the November clinic were 1) Tighten my legs at all gaits. They're flopping like dead fish. 2) Get Clair to carry herself higher in front. No more ducking down and behind the bit. I think I'm making good progress in both areas. I had some issues in the clinic with Clair picking up the left lead when I ask for the right. I'm really puzzled about what I'm doing to cause that -- you'll see some examples in the video below, taken 12/6. I've moved toward asking for the right lead only out of 12 meter circle, and that seems to work. I've started working the first-level simple change through trot. Towards the end of the video I was able to perform ├╝berstreichen to the right on one and both reins, which is real progress. She's really coming off my hand in canter and carrying herself. Today I introduced first-three shallow counter-canter serpentine and she did awesome. She is such a good girl and I always have so much fun with her!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Video of Paddy in the clinic

Trainer Holly got some super collection out of B's lovely Irish Draft eventer, Paddy, at the Suzanne May clinic. He's a big boy but looks light as a feather in this canter!