Thursday, June 12, 2008

The incredible lightness of Willow

I had a lovely ride on Willow tonight. She was giving me a light but totally connected feeling through the bridle. I hope that's a sign that my focus on getting her to lighten her forehand is starting to show some results. We worked on canter lengthenings, and toward the end I was starting to be able to collect her using mainly my seat to half halt. That's a big change from the giant, galumphing, heavy canter of six months ago. Sitting trot felt nice and light as well, and we had two huge lengthenings with that cool slow-motion feeling. All we've got left for solid second level are walk-canter transitions, ten-meter canter circles, and more work on counter canter.

A frisky cat scared Willow into a flying change tonight.

So, a month ago I ordered a double bridle from Dressage Extensions. I got an email saying the bridle was on backorder. Today I emailed to get an ETA on the backorder. Three more months, I was told. (Dressage Extensions, I love you, but four months on a backorder sucks.) I cancelled the order and am now trying to decide how much more I can afford to spend.


Dressage Princess said...

Glad to hear things are going so well! You must be so proud.

halfpassgirl said...

I'm really pleased! I've been working on my own for a long time now, and sometimes I worry that I've hit a plateau. But I think we're still making progress.

dressagemom said...

I can't remember where I got my double from, but I do remember that I got a snaffle bridle about two years ago from Smart Pak, of all places. It was a Collegiate flash bridle and the quality is good. They have a Collegiate double (no bits or reins) for $158. I always seem to have a few pairs of reins so this worked out okay for me with the snaffle bridle. Anyhow, the snaffle was worth the price.