Saturday, November 1, 2008

Willow comes out of retirement

Today I was finally back in the saddle after almost two weeks of utterly neglecting Willow due to my mom's visit. Willow started off great, but then became increasingly difficult and mareish. I'm sure she had decided I had retired her and really resented having to go back to work. Poor little miss. I waited out her moodiness, got five minutes of decent work, and called it a day. Nobody likes going back to work after a two-week vacation.

If you are a horsey type located in the Eugene/Springfield area, you're in luck! A new tack shop has opened: Tack N Up. It's on the north side of the 700 block of Q Street in Springfield. I visited today and came home with a pair of full-seat breeches and a pair of stubby spurs, which I will be introducing to Willow this month. It's a big store with a good selection representing several disciplines. They also have dog and cat supplies. Plus, there are five very friendly canines serving as greeters. The black lab cross joined me in my dressing room.

The excavation next door continues. They have completely uncovered the truck, and behind it a shed is peeking out, too. I can also now actually see the lawn on the south side of my house. It used to be a complete tangle of overgrowth from the neighbor's rainforest.

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