Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gaslight Anthem in Portland

Last night I was back up in Portland again to see Gaslight Anthem at Berbati's Pan. It was another really great show! Gaslight Anthem is a New Jersey rock/punk band with a clear Springsteen influence. The lead singer has a great, soulful, slightly gravelly voice, and their lyrics are pure rock n roll poetry. Much like Springsteen, their songs tend to tell stories.

Once again, the Portland crowd didn't disappoint, dancing wildly and shouting the lyrics along with the band. There was limited moshing, as Berbati's is pretty small, and I managed to keep myself out of the pit. It was really hot, though. Someday I'll go to a venue in Portland that has discovered air conditioning.

Kind of a frustrating ride on Willow tonight. Oh, well, it never hurts to get a lesson in humility. And tomorrow is another day.


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I had one of those lessons yesterday. I felt like I forgot how to ride!

Horseypants said...

I'm sending a link to this band to my husband--he's from New Jersey, maybe he'll like them. Can see how they'd be great live!

halfpassgirl said...

If your husband likes early Springsteen, he should like these guys too!