Wednesday, November 11, 2009

O, sadness! How will we ever get to the zoo?

Sesame Street is forty years old! H/t to my friend Erica, whose FaceBook posting reminded me of the Twiddlebugs! I hadn't thought of the Twiddlebugs in at least thirty years. They're a family of bugs that live in Ernie's window-box garden. They're not terribly bright, but they get an "A" for enthusiasm in everything they do.

And the Twiddlebugs then reminded me of the Yip Yip aliens, who always scared the crap out of me. They still creep me out a little.

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Story said...

Omg, the Yip Yips are possibly my favorite Sesame Street characters ever! My husband and I have been known to impersonate them whenever something comes up that we really approve of! HAHA!!!