Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lesson on Baby Huey

Here's a bit of my latest lesson on Huey. Unfortunately, the camera died after seven minutes, so you don't really get to see the good stuff. We had a super canter going at the end of the lesson. What you see here is really just warmup. Huey's not very forward and kinda crooked.

What this clip did help me to see was: Ugh! Banging right leg when tracking right! Stop that! I don't know when I picked up that habit, but I'm going to quit tout de suite. Huey doesn't like to bend to the right, but I've gotta find a quieter way to ask. Maybe it's time for some stubby spurs.

Camilla successfully jumped Huey at four feet last weekend. Way to go, Huey!

Today is Life in a Day, wherein you can submit video you shoot today to YouTube, and it might get chosen to be included in a Ridley Scott documentary. I thought that was kind of neat.

In the next couple of weeks, Willow is going to Louisiana to do some eventing training and let some people there try her out. Maybe we'll find a match!


Anonymous said...

Great blog :-)

Here's another horsey themed blog:

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

He's such a cutie pie! Good luck with Willow. My boy pulled up lame today for no obvious reason. Ah horses.

halfpassgirl said...

I wish your boy a speedy recovery!