Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A puppy next spring?

I lost my vizsla Marko about 18 months ago. He was my best buddy for 13 years, and actually, he loved pretty much everybody. Here he is with my friend Rachel. He was always a leaner--a "velcro vizsla," as breed enthusiasts call it.

I'm finally feeling ready to consider a vizsla puppy. My other two dogs are rescues, so I feel ok about purchasing a puppy from a breeder. Plus, it's really hard to find rescue vizslas!

A couple nights ago I watched a bunch of vizsla videos on YouTube. The first two here show off what I used to call the "puppy crazies," which vizslas are prone to well into middle age. In the first video, the crazies start at 1:33.

As the first video notes, vizslas are not couch-potato dogs. They need a lot of exercise until they're at least seven or eight years old.

All that tearing around is tiring, and when vizslas zonk out, they really zonk out. It's like they're drugged. Their bones turn to rubber, and they let it all hang out.

Here's Marko's version of the above.

I'm thinking mid-to-late spring. My mother and I may be going to France, so it would be after that. Summertime with a baby vizsla sounds like heaven. I'm already starting to research breeders.


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Those photos of Marko are precious. I had no idea how full of energy that breed is! Can't wait to see your puppy.

Jana said...

Yes, summertime with a baby Vizsla does sound like heaven!

Kate said...

I don't have a Vizsla but my 8 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback is very similar. When she is nutty, she is VERY nutty, but when she's tired, she is VERY tired lol! She cracks me up. Your Marko was so beautiful. Good luck puppy hunting!

Crystal Cook said...

What a beautiful boy your Marko is. I'm sorry you lost him. Good luck with the puppy hunt, and holy cow those little guys have TONS of energy!