Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Lately I've been tooling around Craigslist, toying with the idea of a project horse at some point. Not now, and probably not for at least a year, but it's fun to browse. Today I ran across this unfortunate little guy:

He is described as a gorgeous, two-year-old paint/palomino. Now, I know two is an awkward age for any horse, but seriously? What a bizarre-looking equine.

Haven't been getting on Huey as much since the light changed, but still having fun when I do. My next lesson is Sunday. Only ten more weeks until we start getting our light back!

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DressageIsToDance said...

Yikes...I'm sure the little fellow is sweet, but wow he's messed up.

Even with the messed up hind end, he wouldn't be SO bad if his neck wasn't SO short. Poor fellow. I bet he was bred for color...