Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby Huey, superstar

I heard tell that Huey was floating over 3' 6" on Saturday from a collected canter. Huey tends to get a little, shall we say, jazzed when jumping, so this was quite an achievement! I know very little about jumping, but I assume the higher the jumps get, the more adjustable the horse needs to be.

Sunday I schooled lots of canter because it was feeling so good. Then, for fun, I started schooling flying changes and simple changes across the diagonal. Huey often gets hyper when he does a flying change, so I mixed up both movements to keep him guessing. It made him slow down and wait for me, and he did just super. After 16 years of doing dressage, I've never had the chance to earn my bronze. Could Huey finally be my partner? That would be fantastic. But we gotta really work on his medium trot.

Lola is seriously the easiest dog on the planet. I have had not one moment of stress from the moment she moved in. She is just a happy, happy dog.

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