Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well, darn

Stupid EHV-1 outbreak.

Due to the ongoing outbreak, my little dressage show was postponed. It was the right decision, but it's still disappointing. Huey and I were ready! The videos below were taken during our Thursday lesson right before the Sunday show. They were the very first times Huey and I had run through the whole tests (first-two and first-three). We have to ride around jumps in our usual arena, so I can't really run through entire tests there.

Huey and I aren't exactly setting the world on fire, but I like how we look. We're solid and no-nonsense. Trot lengthenings are still pretty flat, and his head is as usual a bit waggly, but I think we would have scored just fine. I like that this year they're allowing riders to post the trot in first level. Huey and I would have been fine with sitting, but I've always thought that forcing people to sit kept a lot of capable riders stuck at training level. I also like that there are now just three tests at the levels where there used to be four. Especially training level! How many ways are there to throw together straight lines, diagonals, and twenty-meter circles?

The show has been rescheduled to July 3, and it's looking like we'll be able to go, so that's good. More time to practice! And maybe we'll even go crazy and throw in second-one or something!

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Olivia said...

The whole EHV-1 thing has my whole barn in lock-down. I agree with the policy, but I feel your frustration.