Thursday, October 20, 2011

Texas bound, once again

I should probably just stop posting Willow updates, because just as soon as I publish, things change. Half a day after my previous post, I received a message from the eventing trainer in Liberty Hill, Texas, that she has two, and possibly three, students now interested in Willow. So, once again, the plan is to send Willow to Liberty Hill. If the logistics work out, she'll be hauled over on October 30. I'll likely let her spend the winter there, and if I can get her leased or sold there, great; if not, I'll think about bringing her back to Oregon in the spring. Unless everything changes again!

I had a good lesson on Huey last night. I'd been out of town for a week and for some reason forgot where to set my stirrup length, so I rode the whole lesson in stirrups two holes too long, which was pretty much like not having stirrups. I could have stopped and shortened the stirrups, but things were going well, and it really made me focus on keeping my legs quiet. Sitting trot felt really good.

There's a new gelding at trainer Leslie's barn -- a Hanoverian who is 18.1 hh. That's 6' 1" at the withers, for those of you playing at home.

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