Monday, February 6, 2012

A treat to minimize choking

This is Willow, anxiously awaiting her applesauce treat. It's only gushy foods for her until they're sure she done with her choking spells. She looks pretty psyched about the applesauce.

This month, I am getting a new bedroom added on to my house! It's currently a one-bedroom house, so this is a 100% increase in number of bedrooms. It's being added on using my existing carport, so the roof already exists. I am excited out of all proportion. I love home improvement projects, and this is going to make such a difference, storage-wise. My house was built in 1912, when the world did not believe in closets. My new room is going to have many, many closets.


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Willow looks wonderful and I'm happy that she has found a good home! And happy to hear that your home is improving! Good news is the best.

Corinna said...

Very exciting- and I love how all the DIY blogs and tv shows let us know that yes, we can do it too! I think my husband and I will be in the renovation project by the end of the year! (we want a two bedroom, but alas, the one bedrooms are in our price range for now...) good luck, would love to see the "before and after!"