Monday, June 4, 2012

Trail riding in Mauritius

My mother and I went trail riding at Le Morne in southwest Mauritius one early morning. In spite of it being mid-fall in that country, it was still very hot and humid. Even at 8 in the morning, we melted a little bit. The stable wasn't fancy, but it was quite nice, and the horses, all OTTB's, were obviously well care for. The facility even had helmets and half-chaps for us tourists. My mom looks quite dapper in her outfit.

We rode along the beach at the base of Le Morne. The water in the bay was perfectly still. My gelding, Augie, was workmanlike and obedient. He was happy to get up and go when I asked for a trot. My mom's horse was a perfect trail horse, just marching along and ignoring everything else. It's so nice to see a horse rental facility with such well-trained, happy, healthy animals.

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