Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where I've been

I had a really rough summer, and apparently for me stress and sadness and blogging don't go together. There was Wolfgang's death, which was terribly hard, and at the same time my year-long relationship with my boyfriend was spiraling into the toilet. Add to that things at the barn not going so well, and the whole summer was really just one big pile of poo.

I decided about a month ago to stop riding Huey. I miss the big guy! I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for a similar situation, but I'm not actively pursuing anything. I am taking a break. Although I did overhear a lady at the gym talking about her rescue horse, and I asked a couple questions, and one thing led to another, and last week she invited me out to hop on him and see if he actually had the rumored dressage background he was advertised with. And he did! Lovely walk, trot, canter with nice balance into the outside rein, plus a little leg yield, and even a walk-canter transition and some shoulder in. The lady who owns him has no dressage training but is interested, and I told her she's in a great situation to learn, since this gelding has a good foundation. She is excited to get started. So that was fun.

Lola the bassador spent much of the summer escaping from my yard and visiting the neighbors. Her favorites are the lady who gives her cheese, and the two ladies down the street with the chihuahuas. At both places, she simply plants herself on the front porch until the occupant(s) let her in. Both places are nice enough to just let her hang out until I get home from work. I am both thankful and hugely embarrassed. I finally bought a whole bunch of landscape timbers and lined all the fences in the backyard. That seems to have done the trick. Lola is quite a character.

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