Thursday, February 13, 2014

More leg yield, and a new-to-me Stubben

I was in Nebraska for a few days visiting family, so Dakota got some more time off. I will be so glad when the spring grass starts coming in. Despite supplementing all winter with an alfalfa pellet mix, a high-protein pellet, and Cool Calories, he is just maintaining and not gaining. I think he needs to put on 50-75 lbs. He's shedding like crazy, so maybe we're in for an early spring. I lunged and rode him today. He still needs a strong outside rein when cantering to the left, or he disunites. Still gonna get a chiropractor out just in case. I bought a used Stubben Tristan in Havana brown off eBay, and it arrived today. It fits Dakota perfectly and looks really nice with his coloring. I have a brown bridle coming as well. Dakota is just so good under saddle. Easy to get on the bit, and he's really starting to find his balance into the outside rein. We did some more leg yield nose-to-wall, and he's so willing and good about it. We also got an accidental turn on the forehand when he got claustrophobic; I went ahead and praised since this is all mainly about learning to move the hindquarters away from my leg.

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