Saturday, March 1, 2014

First lesson under my belt!

I gave my first official lesson on Dakota today. Dakota gets a gold star, an A+, and lots of carrots for his behavior, which was exemplary. We started with the student on the lunge line, both directions, working first on establishing body position at the walk and then working up to rising trot. Then I turned them loose to work on a twenty meter circle around me at walk and trot, both directions. The student has a nice natural position and soft hands, and Dakota was a happy camper. The student seemed like she was getting a lot from the lesson and indicated she was understanding what I was saying. We've got another lesson scheduled in a week! I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I'm in "fatten up" mode for Dakota and Flash. They're both looking a little scrawny. I'm upping their supplemental meals, plus I'm trying to wrangle extra hay for them whenever possible. The grass should start to come in during the next month, and that will make a big difference. They've both got little spots of rain rot as well, so I try to get those areas doctored once a day. I think it's under control. Using Durasole on the feets about 4 times a week, and hooves are looking great. Now to just hang in until summer.

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Hoofbeats said...

Wow, congrats on your first lesson! I love that you offer and encourage time on the lunge.