Sunday, May 10, 2015

Wonderful canter work, and pony snuffles

Between having the flu and hosting my mom for ten days, I haven't been getting to the barn as much as I'd like. The good news is, Clair can have a week off, and I can just hop on her and pick up as if no time has passed. She's such a doll! Today I decided to work on getting her canter departs more elevated, with less of a jump forward. After warmup, I put her on a twenty-meter circle and starting asking for canter-trot-canter, with just a few steps of trot between canters. She picked up on it right away, and boy howdy, did I get some fabulous canter. She got more and more collected until it felt like I was sitting on a bouncy rubber ball. I started leaving out the trot steps and just asking for a big half halt back to forward canter, and she felt so powerful. That'll be the canter I need to get nice canter-walk transitions. Such great progress!

Before I left I walked out into the pasture to take a few pictures, and I got this fun video of many pony snuffles. They are both very sweet, people-oriented kids.

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