Thursday, November 12, 2015

Monsters in the indoor

It has taken Clair a few weeks to get used to the indoor arena. I don't know why it worried her so much -- it's really not a spooky arena at all. She keeps giving the hairy eyeball to the north door and a couple different sets of jumps along the sides. I've handwalked her around the perimeter I don't know how many times. She's much better at this point, but I still have to remember to sit back in canter lest she suddenly puts on the brakes. Silly mare.

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Dom said...

I just picked up two OTTB's and they are both taking some acclimating in the indoor. Our indoor isn't spooky either, but they are also eyeballing the door at one end (not the other) and the jumps in the corner. Haha. Clair looks lovely in this video :)