Thursday, March 17, 2016

Schooling the golden boy in the golden hour

R is out of town on spring break, so I've been working Dakota for her. She has done an amazing job with him. The last time I got on him was in early January, and he feels so much more bendable now. Lately he's been tensing, throwing his head, and running -- all in anticipation of canter. So tonight I aimed for an utterly chill mustang with a loose neck. I spent lots of time bending him back and forth. Yes, he's low and behind the bit, but he's very easy to bring up in front, and he was so relaxed and happy with the work. With Kota, he'd rather be up than down, so I ride him down. With Clair, she'd rather be down than up, so I (try to) ride her up. You pretty much always do the opposite of what they'd like to do.

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