Monday, May 23, 2016

Schooling show in less than two weeks!

R and I will be competing at a schooling show on June 5. I plan to show First 2 and 3 and Second 1, and R plans on all three Training level tests. This past weekend we both ran through our tests. It was my first time running Clair through Second 1, and R's first time running Dakota (and herself!) through Training level.

The trot work for Second 1 was pretty darn good for our first attempts. I need to work on our halts, our reinback, and a relaxed walk. I also need to make sure Clair isn't ducking. Other than that, I think we'll score ok on the trot.

The canter work is way iffier. We're getting quite good at canter to walk, but only when I get to choose the exact right time to ask. As I found out on Sunday, when I have to do it at a letter, I usually don't get it. On the plus side, walk to canter is good, and the counter canter was fine. We have two weeks to see if we can't get the canter-walk transitions more reliably. Clair was so sweet about doing her best in spite of me getting overly handsy in this ride.

R is new to dressage and works without a trainer almost exclusively. I offer some tips from time to time, but for the most part she's figuring this dressage stuff out on her own. She's really progressing quickly! Below are her first ever attempts at riding training level tests. She has work to do, of course, but there are so many moments where they look fabulous. She's working on getting the feel for creating bend with her seat and legs. I like that she's very tactful with her hands. Dakota is picking up the canter very reliably in both directions and much more promptly. R is doing such a good job with him!

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