Tuesday, September 27, 2016

First level bronze scores: check!

Clair and I competed at the Texas Rose Dressage Fall Classic I & II in Tyler this past weekend. It was my first rated show in a decade and Clair's first rated show ever. My goal was to get our first level bronze scores and to give second level a try--and maybe get those scores too, or at least see what the judges felt about our skills. Suzanne met up with us and provided such great coaching and support! She also brought along one of her students, L, who helped groom and provided moral support. My husband also came, so I had quite the cheering section.

Clair handled the whole weekend like a pro. She is such a self-sufficient mare. She settled right into her stall, and ate, drank, and pooped like a champion. She was a little difficult during the first test on the first day, but then she rode pretty much like her usual self. She wasn't a bit spooky; she's definitely an outdoor-arena sort of horse. I had some trouble with her picking up wrong canter leads, which she never does at home, but those mistakes were simply due to rider complacency. Overall I was thrilled with her attitude.

I got a 65 and 63 on first-one, which will count as my first level bronze scores, and got a 55 and 58.7 on second one (so close!). I'm not entirely happy with my sitting trot--you can see in the videos that my lower half has way too much motion going on. I also lean too far back sometimes. And I don't have Clair moving big enough. I'm going to start working without stirrups on both Clair and Wylie to see if I can't stabilize myself. I have all winter to work on my seat, and I'll hope to knock out second level at an early spring show. Clair can do it, no question. I mostly need to work on me.

This is the amazing disappearing dressage test. The humidity was 90% and the lens fogged over within seconds :)

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