Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama's speech

I'm back from attending a party at a local market, where we watched Obama's nomination acceptance speech. There was a competing party at the community center, so the get-together I attended was just a handful of people, but we were boisterous and patriotic. Two people brought their dogs, and one lady bought her pet rat, which perched on her shoulder the whole time. It was a fun group.

My dog Sam's lameness turns out to be a strained ligament, so yay, no surgery required. The vet says it may take six weeks to fully heal, and I'm to limit Sam's activity in the meantime. Sam is a German shorthair, so the vet's orders are fairly amusing.


Erica said...

Wasn't that speech something else? I don't see how he can lose. I wish the election would hurry up and get here!

dp said...

It's kind of funny and pathetic that I am much more interested in your upcoming election (American) than in ours (Canadian). His speech made me cry, and I am not the crying type. I hate to think of where the US and the world will be if he looses.