Sunday, August 10, 2008

A week off? No problem!

I'm back from Nebraska, where it was 102 with 50% humidity. I used to not mind the heat so much, but Oregon has made me soft.

The week off really agreed with Willow. I've had two super rides since I got back. Now that we've got the counter canter confirmed I'm backing off counter canter, because my friend Jenny in Nebraska, who has been showing second level this summer, told me they've taken most of the counter canter out of second level. That'll teach me to check the tests when they change. Now we're going to focus on walk-canter-walk.

I can feel flying changes simmering right below the surface, too.

If the next couple of rides continue to go so well, I'm going to try the double bridle later this week. My baby is growing up!

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forgingahead said...

congrats on a successful transition from time off! horses are so funny...sometimes it works and the next time it doesn't...gotta go with the flow.