Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunday is double bridle day

After a successful week back in the snaffle, today was our day to ride in the double again. The intensive carrot therapy seems to have beaten back the ear phobia, so I had no issues bridling. It's a chilly, windy day, and Willow was very fresh, throwing in many ecstatic bucks during canter. She even switched behind during one buck, and I commented to her that she's halfway to a flying change.

I really do need to introduce spurs now. The only pair I have are fairly long, and they just won't do. I value my life too much. I'm sure Willow will accept the long ones at some point, but I need some short nubby ones to start, and even then I will screw my helmet on. Willow has always been a ticklish girl.

A major accomplishment in the last few days: Willow is now capable of pooping at the trot! For the longest time it took all my powers of persuasion just to get her to walk as she pooped. During the last two rides, however, she let loose during trot. Hurray! I choose to believe it speaks to a higher level of focus on her part. Perhaps one day she will realize she can poop during canter as well.

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