Sunday, September 7, 2008

Various and sundry

I'm off to the barn in an hour or so and just realized I hadn't posted in a week. Bad blogger.

Yesterday the sweet siren call of the double was just too much, so I rode in it. I think I may switch to a Baucher bit in the snaffle bridle. I'm realizing just how much Willow isn't respecting her current French link snaffle. She's always been a heavy, pull-y girl. In the double, so many new things are possible! Even a couple strides of pirouette canter to the left, although I'm not pushing it because she's really not there yet.

Overall the ride yesterday was most excellent, but Willow did throw one temper tantrum when she tried to blow off a half halt and I really took hold of the curb. I think she may have done a capriole; all I know is I wasn't expecting it and I have a little bit of whiplish halfway up my spine today. But she came back to me quickly, with a new-found respect for the curb bit, and I was actually kind of thrilled with the pure athleticism of her antics. She caught some serious air!

I have another question for all you gardeners out there. What are these?

Lastly, I cannot believe I have neglected to post a picture of the latest bundle of fluff at the barn. This is Lucy the border collie puppy. I think she's about fourteen weeks old now. Specialties: tormenting Rocky, the other barn dog, and making off with wraps and gloves.


dp said...

That stalk covered in orange berries looks like candleflower. And that BC pup looks like trouble.

halfpassgirl said...

Yes! It's a candleflower! Thanks! I'd never seen one before.

Lucy loo is trouble, but in true puppy fashion she charms her way out of most situations effortlessly.

dp said...

I did mean "trouble" in the most complimentary way. If it's not a border collie it's only a dog...

BritnieAnn said...

That is a neat plant! Never seen one before, candleflower, hm (puts that in memory bank)
That puppy is TOO CUTE!! For its own good I beet, haha