Sunday, May 24, 2009

Willo in limbo

I stopped riding Willow last Saturday and called the chiropractor. She wasn't any worse, but she wasn't getting any better either, and if she's ouchy in the poll I want to get that fixed before asking her to hold flexion there. Unfortunately, the chiropractor is totally ignoring me, so I'm casting about for someone else. In the meantime, Willow is enjoying being free-lunged and hand-grazed every day. There's a giant thought bubble over her head that says "I could get used to this."

Friday one of my barn-mates fell off her suddenly freaked-out gelding Bean and got trampled. He stepped on her forearm and lower back. She has some really impressive bruising, but is otherwise fine. Apparently her gelding thought the tiny Welsh cob pony Fishie was attacking him, and that's what set him off. Bean is not known for his bravery.

I've been steadily increasing my distance running, and also steadily increasing the pain in my knees. So today I visited the Eugene Running Company and got expert help in picking out some new shoes--Sauconys. They're supposed to stop my pronation. In my quick experimental jog outside the store I felt no pain in my knees at all, so I hope the new shoes solve the issue. Getting old sucks.

Since my last post I discovered more great running music: Flogging Molly. Celtic punk! I added "If I Ever Leave This World Alive" and "Devil's Dance Floor" to my mix.


dp said...

I don't run, but I always wear Saucony running shoes...they are the most comfortable if you tend to roll out (and I do). Good luck!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Hope the chiro calls you back pronto! Mine comes several times a year and Now Voyager is healthier for it. I have custom orthotics and wear Brooks Ariels for my pronation sore knees! Good luck with the new shoes.

Flying Lily said...

I'm trying to get back into running and my main problem is with wind...which scares me a bit. Glad you found some great shoes. Hope the chiro calls back. This is their busy season I think.