Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun in Galway

I took a stroll down the old Long Walk
On the day-i-ay-i-ay

So, when you're in Galway, you're supposed to head down to the Long Walk and kick the wall at the end for good luck. My friend and I kept meaning to do that, and the Long Walk was really nearby, but we somehow just never made it. If I have bad luck, I'll only have myself to blame.

Here's one of the cool narrow alleys in Galway, filled with shops and pubs.

And here's a cheesemonger! Which caused us to discuss, just what can you be a monger of? Cheese and fish. And war. But, for instance, not one of the sweater shops was labeled "Sweatermonger."

In this pub, a middle-aged, drunken Irishman sat down with us and announced he was going to recite us poetry. Then he forgot to do that. He also offered us a place to stay for the night, if we needed one. Then he confided that he was a wee bit tipsy. We quite enjoyed his company.

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Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Galway looks adorable and I'm glad to hear you guys had so much fun!