Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fun lesson on Huey

I've been making lots of good progress on Huey. A few weeks back trainer Leslie helped me establish a stronger connection through the outside rein, and once Huey got over his consternation, we've been having nothing but fun rides. Sitting trot has gotten easy peasy now that Huey's not floating behind the vertical.

In this lesson we're off the circle--hooray! We do a little lateral work, including haunches in, and then out of nowhere Leslie has me try a couple flying changes, which I've never schooled on Huey before. I was pleased to get one in each direction in fairly short order. You'll see them at 7:22 and 7:58. Not pretty--no jump or expression--but they're clean and obedient. Huey already knows how to do them jumper-style. The poor guy is always trying to figure out what I'm asking for with my longer dressage leg. After the second change, Huey was pretty sure a jump was coming up! It took a bit to settle him. All in all, a really fun lesson!

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