Sunday, September 12, 2010

Huey tries to kill others, himself

In the past 36 hours, Baby Huey:

1. Reared and struck out at a horse in an adjacent paddock. In so doing, he hung a leg over the fence. He managed to disentangle himself and was no worse for wear. (He was at a neighbor's farm post-trail-ride, and suddenly decided he didn't like the horse next to him. Camilla and I think he may have been channeling his recently deceased buddy, the stallion Encore.)

2. Apparently tried to leap over a lead rope strung across the opening to his stall. He has rope burns on his front legs and is ouchie, but again, seems to have done no real damage to himself. His owner, on the other hand, is pretty stressed out by this recent kamikaze behavior.

Huey's getting a week off to allow any soreness from his escapades to heal.

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