Sunday, November 17, 2013

And then there were two

Do you all remember Flash? Back when Camilla still owned Baby Huey, Flash was the gelding she was spending a lot of time training. Then he needed pasture rest due to an injury, so he has been enjoying the good life for the past year or so. The pasture rest seems to have worked, and he has come sound in the past couple of months. At the same time, Camilla sold Huey and is trying out a firecracker of a mare named Cairo. She doesn't have a lot of time for Flash, and with me going into the teaching business and finding a barn I really like, she asked if I'd like to lease Flash and possibly use him in my program. So now I've got two boys to work with. Dakota is keeping Flash company in the arena for the two days until he's released into the pasture.

Today was Dakota's first real lunge session in full tack. He was a very good boy. We just did walk and trot. He's not very strong in canter yet and I don't want him to flail around in the side reins. To the right he gave me a nice bend and a fancy little trot at times. To the left, he drifts out and gets frustrated with my half halts. He needs his teeth floated and his wolf teeth pulled (happening tomorrow), and my current bridle is too big for him (cob size bridle on its way). Those things are likely bothering him as well. But I was very pleased with his willingness.

After working Dakota, I lunged Flash off the halter to check his soundness in the arena's footing. Doesn't he have the loveliest gaits? If he was an easier ride I would totally use him as a school horse; alas, he is definitely not a beginner's horse. But maybe once I get some clients one of them will have enough natural talent to handle Flash.

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