Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Slow; horse crossing

The ranch where I'm boarding Dakota has an extensive pasture system. The horses are allowed to go almost everywhere. Much of the herd was hanging out on the driveway this evening. There were also several deer grazing nearby. It was a peaceful scene.

Tiny pony alert!

What's this you say about carrots?

I really like carrots!

Time for a haircut

That is a LOT of mane

He's going to look dorky for a day or two. I can only get so much done at a time.

Dakota was a very good boy while I worked on his mane. I don't know if he's ever been asked to stand for so long; he tolerated it quite well. He was curious about everything I did, sticking his nose in my face every few minutes. We took a couple breaks where I led him around. He has great ground manners. I asked him to trot in hand and he willingly trotted at whatever speed I asked for. I led him over a Parelli obstacle, some tires laid flat on the ground in a line. He carefully walked over it, stepping in the tire holes. I'm just thrilled with his attitude so far!

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