Sunday, January 19, 2014


Dakota is back in business. He had a trim last week and the farrier didn't see anything wrong in the front right hoof, so I think the soreness was higher up. In any case, he's fine. My current challenge with him is that he's happily disunited in canter to the left. I've loosened the side reins, lunged without side reins, and still he would rather be disunited in that direction. I'm going to have a chiropractor out soon.

Yesterday I decided to lunge him over a small crossrail to see if he'd unite after a little jump. It worked quite well! He needed some confidence boosting at first, as I don't think he's been asked to jump before. Then he enjoyed himself. This is the crossrail I built. I'm not a jumper person, but I think I made it pretty safe.

Flash had the day off yesterday, and Dakota was already up by the arena when I arrived. I grabbed Kota, got him tied, and fed him his supplement (half-scoop Haystack, half-scoop Triple Crown 30, 2 oz. Cool Calories, 1 oz. vitamins with extra selenium). While I was pulling out the tack, here came Flash trotting up the hill to the arena. I find this pretty funny, because a month ago being in the arena was, for Flash, like being in solitary confinement on Alcatraz. Oh, the screaming and breaking of halters and ties! Now he comes up on his own and demands to be let in. So I did let him in and fed him a quick meal, then shooed him back out. He hung around the arena for another twenty minutes or so.

On Wednesday I am off on an equestrian holiday extravaganza! I'm visiting my former trainer (and wife of Wolfgang) Suzanne May, and I should be able to get lots of riding in. Here's hoping the weather in Ruston, Louisiana, is warm and sunny.


Dom said...

A tendency to cross canter is often a sign of soreness in the hind end... particularly the hocks. If he's doing it consistently to the left, chances are he's trying to avoid pushing off with his right hind.

halfpassgirl said...

I've checked him all over for soreness and can't find anything obvious. He looks great on the lunge and feels great under saddle. He'll be getting a week off starting Wednesday, so I'll see how he's doing when I get back.