Saturday, January 4, 2014

Success with Flash

With my new system in place for dealing with Flash's herd-boundedness, we're making great progress! I've got four rides on him under my belt, and he's got amazing dressage potential. When he's calm and listening, he's ultra sensitive to my seat bones. The smallest shifts in my seat result in nicely balanced canter departs, trot transitions, and halts. I'm working on getting him to unwind in his neck; he likes to float behind the bit. I'm starting to get some nice snorting and stretching towards the end of each ride.

Dakota came up sore in his right front four days ago. He's been looking better every day, and today he looked almost normal. I'll give him a couple more days off, and then it's back to work. Dakota has such a calm, sensible personality. I bring both him and Flash up to the arena together and work Flash first while Dakota munches on a hay net. Then I turn Flash loose and work Dakota. Dakota could not care less when Flash leaves. It's a great school pony attitude!

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