Sunday, August 17, 2014

Clair Mare, Dakota, and the Pessoa

I introduced Clair Mare and Dakota to the Pessoa system this morning. They both did fabulously! Clair was slightly irked in the canter, with lots of tail flipping, but I like how she moved in it. Dakota had two small tantrums and was rather zoomy, but for a first try I was proud of him.

I'm hoping to find someone to lease Dakota at least part time. If you're in the Lubbock area and interested, please take a look at the Dreamhorse ad. He's a fun and uncomplicated guy!

I had a great ride on Clair! I was wearing a new pair of breeches that are officially the worst pair of breeches I've ever owned. I might as well have been wearing Teflon for all the grip the full seat gave me. So she's definitely not very forward, and our biggest bugaboo is her tendency to want to duck behind the bit -- on full display here. There's always a lot to work on. We did a little leg yield, some shoulder in and travers, and a tiny bit of half pass at the end. The final bit is half pass out of the corner, straighten to a few strides of diagonal, and then a few more strides of half pass. I am so proud of her!

Update 8/18: Oops, I see the video of me on Clair didn't upload fully. Will fix tonight! Second update 8/18: Fixed!

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