Saturday, August 9, 2014

Clair mare goes to work

With Ted's injury, it has been a crazy week. He received a steroid injection on Thursday, and I think that has helped him turn the corner. He still has several weeks of recovery ahead, but yesterday he was able to eat some real food for the first time, and he's needing less pain medication every day. He's headed in for an MRI on Monday.

I got Clair mare out and free lunged in the round pen Wednesday night, and then last night I was finally able to throw some tack on her for a session in side reins. I remembered I had a bridle I had bought last fall. It's brown to match the Stubben I bought back then. It doesn't fit her perfectly -- the bit rode a little too low in her mouth, and I wanted the cavesson one hole higher. The flash also was too big for her. Once I punch a few new holes it'll all be just fine. The loose ring French snaffle that wasn't working for Dakota seems to fit her perfectly. I have a nicer one on order, but for now this will do.

As I was tacking up, a squall blew through, dropping the temp from 90 to 70 in about ten seconds and kicking up all sorts of dust. I had her attached to the metal fence cross pole (just wrapped the lead line around four times). She only pulled back once, and then for just a couple seconds. I don't know if she's used to anything but cross ties, so I was proud of her keeping it together while the squall blew through. The mini donkeys wandered over to help. The girth I have for the Stubben is just a bit too short for her (and really is almost too short for Kota at this point; he's put on weight like a champ). So I need a longer girth. The Stubben seems to fit her really well! She has an easy back to fit.

I lunged her off the cavesson in side reins. I kept the side reins pretty long since the bridle really wasn't fitting just right. She was very businesslike and obedient. Good girl!

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