Friday, December 30, 2016

Louisiana clinic day four

Our week in Louisiana flew by, and now we are all home again. Everyone, that is, except Dakota, who decided to refuse to load for the trip home. I had really been working with him on loading in the weeks leading up to the trip, and when we left Lubbock he hopped on board like a pro. I expected no trouble, but after ninety minutes of trying we left him behind at Holly's barn. We had ten hours of driving in front of us and couldn't spend the whole day loading Mr. D. I've got a call in to Equine Express to pick him up ASAP. We didn't let that little hiccup put a damper on our wonderful visit and clinic.

Here are the videos from the final day of the clinic. Clair gave me some BIG trot and I got better control of my body in canter, most of the time. Dakota was feeling almost 100% and was wonderfully relaxed and responsive. The biggest homework for him is to work on canter by working on canter departs. Lots and lots of trot-canter-trot-canter on a circle, with just a few strides of canter at a time. R rides him almost 100% of the time, so all credit to her for how great he's going! I'm hoping to be able to get on him maybe once a week now that my little gig with Wylie the OTTB has ended.

We'll also be doing some INTENSIVE work on trailer loading :)

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