Thursday, December 15, 2016

Suzanne May December clinic: Saturday!

This clinic, for me, was almost 100% about the trot -- me sitting it well, me learning to apply effective half halts that resulted in a more beautiful gait. And we had great success! I'm still flying high! I think if you listen to Suzanne and watch closely, you'll get a small master course in what an effective half half looks like. You can actually see it in many of these videos. It's all timing, timing, timing. I was sort of getting it before the clinic, but Suzanne helped me refine my aids to hold just a bit longer after asking for the half steps, so that Clair steps through to the poll. It takes some practice. Sometimes I give too soon, and sometimes I hold too long. But when I get it, the trot shifts into bigger, swingier mode.

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