Sunday, June 25, 2017

Very first try: third level test one

We got a very generous 58% on our first try at third level test one! I'm so pleased. All mistakes were my own -- especially my choice to simply hand-walk Clair in her home arena once it was set up with judge's stand in place. She snuffled everything and seemed fine with it, but when I sent her down center line I could feel she was looky, unfocused, and just not through. I should have schooled her under saddle during the lunch break. Live and learn!

Half passes were too labored, trot and canter mediums and extensions were not defined enough, canter was a bit of a rodeo overall, and she jigged in extended walk. But we got our flying change left to right, hallelujah! And overall I feel like we look very close to being ready for third level. It's nice to have a third level test under my belt just for psychological reasons.

Yay, Clair mare! Love my girl.

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