Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cow-kicking update

Suzanne viewed the videos of my problematic ride last week and sent the following:

Hi! Well, I was worried when I first read the email, but I was happy, for the most part, when I actually watched the videos. Interesting! Frame is MUCH better. This makes her more athletic. This can be used against you (don't they always?). Haunches-in on the circle is much better, too. Remember to stress he proper aids - inside leg and outside rein. In the canter, make sure you are not poking her with your left heel too far back. Think of taking WHOLE leg back from he hip. Almost picture bending your knee backwards (hyper-extending) to push your heel down and not bend at the knee to take leg back. She might be reacting to too much weight on that seatbone, too. Eliz's horse, Lita, doesn't like weight on that outside seatbone back at all. Left to right changes are clean most of the time. Nice trot lengthening. We will have to work on those right to left changes. Half-halt during change. Very distinct and strong aids. Lateral balance. Possibly have to even counter bend her, but keep her going left as in leg yield.

I see marked improvement and less problems!

For the next ride I made sure to sit over my inside seat bone in right lead canter, and to keep my outside (left) leg below the knee completely off. And not a single cow-kick! Suzanne is so good at pinpointing the littlest position problem and fixing it. I've had a couple cow-kicks since then and every time realized that I was sitting too much on my outside seat bone. Mares can be very picky.

Suzanne is coming for a clinic next weekend, and the following weekend there's another schooling show. I'm going to try third-one again with Clair, and I'm also going to show Dakota first-one and first-two. He's doing so well!


Dom said...

On an unrelated note, I think I know Lita's old owner. Small world!

halfpassgirl said...

Wow, it IS a small world!