Saturday, May 10, 2008

Barack back in Eugene!

Barack Obama visited Eugene again yesterday, and this time he speechified on the quad, so a lot more people could get in. Unfortunately, I didn't know about this visit until Thursday, and I had fun dental surgery scheduled for Friday morning. Too late to cancel! Between the very sore mouth and the Darvocet, standing around for a few hours just wasn't gonna happen. But it looks like he got an awesome turnout again!

My mouth was feeling a lot better today, but the dentist warned me not to exert myself overly for a couple days lest I start bleeding again (yuck), so I lunged and did work in hand with Willow. Normally my three sounds to communicate with her while lungeing are cluck, trill, and kiss, and I couldn't do any of those with my mouth in its current state. Oh well. She still worked hard for me.

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Erica said...

I think you ducks will cinch the deal on Tuesday! Or add your nail to the coffin!