Saturday, May 3, 2008

Accidental flying change

Willow produced her first under-saddle flying change today. I asked for right-lead canter on an eighteen-meter circle, and she picked up the left lead. With my outside hand I grabbed the bucking strap and gave a very definite right-lead aid. With a mighty leap, Willow switched to the correct lead. I think my helmet may have brushed the rafters. But then she continued on in a quiet right-lead canter, so it was all good.

I watched the Derby, and I realize I forgot the other day to mention the biggest reason why I don't support horse racing--way too many horses break down. Eight Belles was actually my pick, partly because she was the only filly, and partly because she looked like Willow.

I'm very sad about what happened to her.


Sarah O said...

What do you mean by a bucking strap?
I've really enjoyed your blog over the past few weeks and I've just started my own. I'd love it if you'd include a link:

halfpassgirl said...

Hi Sarah O,
I'm happy to link back to you! Thanks for reading.

A bucking strap is a short piece of rolled leather that attaches to the D-rings at the front of the saddle. Some people call it a grab strap. It's very helpful for riding out a bucking spell or a spin, or any time you suspect your horse is going to act up but you need to push through it.

Erica said...

I was sad, too! :(