Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ready to introduce the double bridle

I've decided it's time to introduce Willow to the double bridle. The canter is lagging behind somewhat, but she's schooling solid second and even a little third in walk and trot, so why not. I'll just ride in it once a week for awhile. (I'm a big believer in schooling in the snaffle most of the time for as long as possible. I think there are often some major training elements missing if a horse requires a double to be rideable. Your mileage my vary.)

I rode schoolmaster Aron in the double every so often, but that bridle was already fit to him. I've never fitted a double to a horse from scratch before. There's a lot to consider! Between all the various components, the possibilities are nearly endless. And expensive! Luckily, it turns out the trainers at my barn have a whole drawer full of bridoons and curb bits in several sizes, so at least I'll be able to try various combinations without spending a lot of money.

I hope my fingers remember how to manage all those reins.

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dressagemom said...

I didn't put Kaswyn in the double until I was taking a clinic with Miguel Tavora. It was a three day clinic and after ten minutes he says "Why is this horse not in the double?" I said I just hadn't done it and he said "It's time. Tomorrow I want to see you in the double." I had to borrow one, which luckliy fit well, and the lesson in it was great. We haven't looked back since.

Now we're back to the snaffle as we make the slow climb up recovery hill. Sometimes I really miss that curb!