Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dressage at Devonwood

I spectated at Dressage at Devonwood yesterday, and I thought I'd share some pictures of the partnerships I found to be a joy to watch. Talented riders, happy horses. I didn't have a program, and I'm new to the area, and lazy, so I won't be able to list names.

The Friesian/JYR pair below did a flawless musical freestyle timed perfectly to the music. Fun!

The grey below was absolutely lovely in his I-1 test. Look at the reach in the trot extension!

I do know the pair below: Leslie Chapman and Quantro, from my barn, performing their PSG musical freestyle.

It was a lovely day: partly cloudy with a light breeze, around 80 degrees.

Well, today was supposed to be the day I was going to introduce Willow to the double bridle, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I only got to ride three times this week. I want to get five consistent rides in before the big day. I'm off to Nebraska next Saturday, so it'll probably be mid-August before the stars are in alignment. Good things are worth waiting for!


forgingahead said...

Great photos and what a lovely setting. I've not yet been lucky enough to attend Devon, being a West Coast rider. Thanks for giving me a glimpse!

dressagemom said...

You've been awarded! Check out my blog for details!

AnnL said...

I hate to be snarky, especially in my first post here, but I don't believe the "reach" on that grey is correct. I believe it's a sign of tension in the shoulders. It's over extended and the leg will have to come back in order for it to land on the ground. The reach in front should match the reach from behind. But, it looks flashy and that's why people seem to like it. Remember, it's the hind end and the back that really matter.

The other pics are all lovely. I like seeing happy, correct, relaxed horses at shows.

I just discovered your blog and must go read your older posts.


katinthesaddle said...

What a lovely day out!!! I'm so jealous.