Saturday, July 19, 2008

The great outdoors

Today I rode Willow in a temporary outdoor arena that was set up a few days ago so someone could work on her musical freestyle. The regular outdoor arena has been undergoing construction all summer, so Willow hadn't been in an outdoor in over a year.

She was totally awesome! 100% relaxed and on the aids right from the get go. I didn't expect any real trouble from her, but I thought she'd be a looky-loo for a few minutes. Nope. She was ready to work.

The arena is set up on grass and has proven to be rather slippery, so I schooled only first level movements. Everything felt just lovely. The trot lengthenings were floaty, and the canter departs were immediate and obedient. The stretchy circle was steady and rhythmic. We ran through our entire first level repertoire, and I was so pleased I called it a day. Willow hadn't even broken a sweat, but when things feel so good, I like to simply leave the horse with that happy, confident feeling.

Willow, I remember when I couldn't steer or stop you! You've come a long way, baby.


dressagemom said...

Oh, so jealous of an outside place to ride! Good for you guys. I'm sure she loved it as much as you did.

forgingahead said...

I just found your blog via dressagemom and I love it! Looking forward to following your training process with Willow - she sounds like a lovely horse. cheers, Kathleen & Now Voyager

20 meter circle of life said...

woo hoo good job willow!!

Dressage Princess said...

glad to hear things are going so well!

Anonymous said...

Have you moved? Are you not a Canaan Ranch anymore? I was hoping you could help me with Kikki, King says you helped him and she was really good for you.


halfpassgirl said...

Hi SueCoo,

You've got me confused with someone else! Sorry!