Monday, January 5, 2009

New Willow videos!

I videotaped Sunday's lungeing and riding. It's always fun, after videotaping, to come home and watch Willow TV for an hour. I'm very pleased with her outline right now. I looked back at video from late summer and she has really changed.

I'm so happy with the lungeing footage. Willow is obedient and is rocking her weight back, leading to twinklings of real expressiveness in her gaits. Gotta love those square halts, too.

In the under-saddle footage, I'm showing warts and all. We're working on shortening the reins, and Willow is still trying to convince me she can't do it. She's especially perturbed at times that she's no longer able to yank the reins through my fingers. Some of the forward in trot has been sacrificed in the service of softness and obedient half halts. Now if we can just get soft, half-halting, and forward simultaneously.

The canter is still a little strung out and against my hand. I'm losing the haunches from time to time. But the departs are nice and obedient, and the tempo is improving.

Next lesson is this Thursday.

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