Saturday, January 10, 2009

Willow's fully recovered; now I'm sore

Willow was back to her usual energetic, buoyant self today, both on the lunge and under saddle. We just did light work today, but I'm pretty sure she's ready for more, so it's back to full work tomorrow. I rescheduled my lesson for this coming Thursday, and then we have another one the Thursday after that. I'm considering boot camp for Willow once I get my tax refund, with two lessons a week for a month.

I went to a beginning cha cha class with a friend last night. Beginning-level classes aren't terribly engaging for me, because I already know all the beginning-level patterns, so I concentrated on working my Latin hip action. Today my muscles are burning from knee to stomach.

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kemabema said...

I'm glad to hear that Willow's feeling better!!! And hopefully boot camp pays off for the two of you!!! Oh and if you want I've made a blog for Kemah if you are wanting to keep up with the things that shes doing.